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Empowering Attendees

HackathonParty provides attendees with the workspace, tools and resources to make hackathon projects stand out from the crowd.

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Project Management
Bring your team together around a fully equipped workspace and get things done with ease.
Learning Centre
Full of resources covering every aspect of hackathons, from ideation through deployment to presentation.
Session Facilitator
On-demand sessions and workshops to help teams help themselves and each other.
AI Hackathon Mentor
Trained on a multitude of hackathon materials, our AI mentor can provide attendees with answers and the best next steps.
Everything Realtime
Real-time collaboration and notifications to keep everyone in the loop regardless of how far apart your team is.

Making Organizers Superhuman

HackathonParty can help you discover problems before your attendees know they have them. We can surface teams falling behind, struggling with technical issues, or even those where the team dynamics aren’t working out.

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Let attendees register interest and distribute tickets when you're ready.
Team Formation
Handle team formation your way or let HackathonParty automatically create role diverse teams for you.
Real-time stats on your hackathon teams to help you make informed decisions
Collect feedback from attendees and mentors to improve your hackathon without relying on additional tools.

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