Collaborative hackathons need collaborative software.

At HackathonParty, we're creating the world's first realtime collaborative hackathon platform because we know that the best ideas are born when we are at our most connected.

Our mission

We are a collective of seasoned educators, adept designers, skilled engineers, and proficient event organizers, boasting extensive expertise in orchestrating collaborative technology-driven events.

Through our years of involvement, we have observed a common pitfall: many existing platforms designed for tech events inadvertently foster isolation and hinder collaboration. Recognizing this challenge, our mission is clear:to redefine the landscape by fostering genuine connectivity and meaningful collaboration within the tech event sphere.

We're not going to stop until we've empowered attendees and made organizers superhuman.

Meaningful collaboration moments per attendee
Average hackathon submission time
Learning resources available to attendees

Our founding team

With experience spanning 90+ hackathons and with combined hackathon prize earnings of over $100,000, our team is well-equipped to deliver the best collaborative hackathon experience.

  • Sam Larsen-Disney

    Design & Engineering

  • Ryan Gregory


  • Jess Rush


  • Igor Luchenkov


Our mentors

Our mentors are seasoned professionals in the tech industry, with experience across a wide range of disciplines.

Em Bayley-Melendez

Multi-Passionate Creative and Founder in the Tech Space

Rhea Sam

Data Scientist @ Valtech | AI R&D